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Benefits of including Stree Sanman My Kit-Suvidha in flood relief items.

Benefits of including Stree Sanman My Kit-Suvidha in flood relief items.

Periods don’t stop for floods or pandemics. Flood victims are helped with flood relief items that include rice, food grains, pulses, oil, jaggery salt, utensils, and many more. Other than these, another and essential item that is require for women flood victims is sanitary pads. Sanitary napkins are used during the menstruation cycle to avoid period stains on the surfaces. Women flood victims face the problem of unavailability of sanitary napkins that disturbs menstrual hygiene. Many NGOs and activists provide sanitary napkins during periods to women flood victims. 

To maintain menstrual hygiene, sanitary napkins are not the only thing that is require for women. Along with it, women should have access to a washroom facilitated with water and soap. But during flood situations, getting a toilet facilitated with soap and water is not possible. So for such a situation, Stree Sanman My Kit-Suvidha is the best solution.

About Stree Sanman My Kit-Suvidha:

Stree Sanman My Kit-Suvidha is a complete menstrual hygiene kit for women during periods. It includes:

14 Sanitary Napkins: 

Stree Sanman My Kit-Suvidha includes 14 sanitary napkins made of premium quality to make women feel comfortable and fresh. It will also help maintain menstrual hygiene that will save from Reproductive Tract Infections and other menstrual-related disorders. 

14 Disposable bags:

Along with women’s welfare, Stree Sanman is also taking the necessary steps to keep the environment clean and safe for living beings. To properly dispose of sanitary napkins during flood situations, Stree Sanman My Kit-Suvidha helps women with 14 disposable bags avoid throwing sanitary napkins in open spaces. 

14 Premium wet wipes:

Stree Sanman My Kit-Suvidha contains 14 premium wet wipes to keep the intimate area clean and hygienic. It will avoid various bacterial infections, irritation, itchiness, and other problems that are cause due to poor menstrual hygiene. 

14 dry tissues:

Along with menstrual hygiene, it is also essential to maintain personal hygiene. Stree Sanman My Kit-Suvidha includes premium dry tissues to clean the hands after washing and changing menstrual materials. 

15ml Sanitizer:

After cleaning and changing the menstrual materials, there are various germs and bacteria present in our hands. To kill these germs and bacteria, Stree Sanman My Kit-Suvidha consists of 15ml hand sanitizer to make your hands clean and fresh. Even if you don’t find soap to wash your hands, this Sanitizer will be the solution. 

Including Stree Sanman My Kit-Suvidha in a flood relief item will help and save many women flood victims from various Reproductive Tract Infections and other Menstrual Disorders caused due to poor Menstrual Hygiene. Stree Sanman My Kit-Suvidha is a unique solution that will give women and girls comfort and necessity during flood situations. 

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