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This Festive season gift Stree Sanman’ MyKit- Suvidha’ to women.

This Festive season gift Stree Sanman’ MyKit- Suvidha’ to women

This Festive season gift Stree Sanman’ MyKit- Suvidha’ to women.

As the festive season are up, people buy different gifts for their loved ones. But people often get confused about what to buy for a female member in the home. There are innumerable gift items available for women. But every time revolving around the same gift items for women can be boring after some time. So, to make this festive season remarkable, why not gift something that makes women feel proud of themselves. Let’s give Stree Sanman ‘MyKit-Suvidha’ to the women in our society and break the stereotype to make women feel period proud.

To bring a change in society, we have first to change ourselves. To break the stereotypes related to periods, we need to change the mindset of people towards it, especially men. It is essential to provide vital information related to periods, but it is most necessary to provide period education to men. Women should feel free to talk about periods, and men should understand the period problems and support them. Women shouldn’t be shy to ask for a pack of sanitary pads from the male shopkeeper. To bring a change related to periods, men can take a step forward by gifting Stree Sanman ‘MyKit-Suvidha’ to women. 

How can gifting Stree Sanman ‘MyKit-Suvidha’ will bring a change?

It is the story of every family that during periods, women hide the period products from male members in the family. One of the period stigmas states that women are impure and should keep themselves away from the men around them; women are held in a separate room till the end of the period. We all know that periods are a natural body process of women due to the myths and taboos related to periods. In the mall, women feel embarrassed to pick a sanitary pad from the rack if there are any men around them. Women feel awkward talking about any problems that they face due to periods. 

It is said that Small steps can bring a big difference. As both men and women run a family, men must support women to break the stereotypes and myths related to periods. Men should give assurance that women can talk about any period issues. Gifting Stree Sanman’s My Kit-Suvidha’ is helping women in maintaining menstrual hygiene during periods. 

About Stree Sanman ‘MyKit-Suvidha’:

Stree Sanman ‘MyKit-Suvidha’ is a complete pack of menstrual hygiene materials that help women maintain menstrual hygiene during periods. Maintaining menstrual hygiene is an essential task for women during periods. Stree Sanman ‘MyKit-Suvidha’ consists of 5 menstrual hygiene materials that include:

  • Premium Sanitary Napkins
  • Sanitary Napkin Disposal bags
  • Wet Wipes
  • Dry tissues
  • 15ml Hand Sanitizer

During the festive season, people go for outings for multiple days. Gifting Stree Sanman ‘MyKit-Suvidha’ during the festive season will help women in maintaining menstrual hygiene when she is out of her home. It will reduce the tension of the unavailability of sanitary napkins and other menstrual hygiene materials.

Summing up:

It will take time for a change, but the change will surely come. It is not the responsibility of women to change the mindset of people towards periods, but it’s a men’s responsibility to bring the change in society. Now, let’s get the difference for a better future so that no women face myths and stereotypes during periods. Gift Stree Sanman ‘MyKit-Suvidha’ to deliver the confidence among women to be period proud.

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