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Medical Waste Incinerators in Hospitals.

Medical Waste Incinerators in Hospitals

Medical Waste Incinerators in Hospitals.

It is estimated that India generates 56000 tons of Medical Waste in a year. However, due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, the generation of medical waste has increased up to 46% in India. These medical wastes are dump into a garbage area, and it takes years to decompose. Syringes, gloves, PPE kits, and so on after use become unhealthy after a service. If these medical wastes are not manage properly, it will harm nature as it will take years to decompose and the living being as it may cause hazardous diseases. Street dogs are the most affected because, in search of food, they may visit a place where there is medical waste dump in; they may smell or chew some pieces of stuff of waste that will cause harm to his body.

Biomedical waste, when disposed of near the river, makes the water unfit to use. When a garbage picker picks this medical waste with bare hands, it will lead to hazardous diseases. To get out of the situation, incinerating medical waste is an eco-friendly solution. 

Installation of Medical Waste Incinerators in Hospitals:

Every day, there are hundreds of patients that visit hospitals for their treatment. For providing the ideal treatment, doctors need some materials such as syringes, glucose bottles, hand gloves, and many more to make the patient fit for life. Materials used by the doctors are made for one-time use, so after using them, they need to dispose of the material. If these 100 medical wastes are generated daily, calculate the amount generated in a week, month, and year. A lot, right!

So, for the proper management of waste, the installation of Incinerators will be the ideal and eco-friendly solution. These Incinerators will burn the waste inside the machine without emitting any foul smell while incinerating. Instead of throwing the waste in a dumping ground, disposing of this waste in the Incinerator will save nature and living beings’ lives. 

How to use the Incinerators?

Incinerators are very easy to use. One will need to open the chamber, put the waste inside the machine, close the section and press the button installed in the machine. The device will automatically burn the waste and will also emit significantly low fumes while incinerating. One can install these machines at the back of the hospital area where considerably fewer people visit. Burning the waste generated from hospitals will ensure proper medical waste management. No garbage pickers will put their life at risk while picking up the medical trash. There will be no harm to the living beings, especially the street dogs. 

Summing up:

Installation of Incinerators in hospitals is the best solution to dispose of medical waste. Proper management of medical waste is essential for saving nature and also the living being. Incinerators should be install at the hospital’s back to ensure no harm is caused to the nearby society when fumes emit. 

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