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Utility of Stree Sanman MyKit-Suvidha for women during festivals.

This Festive season gift Stree Sanman’ MyKit- Suvidha’ to women

Utility of Stree Sanman MyKit-Suvidha for women during festivals.

As the festive season has started, people are getting more excited and finding different ways to celebrate the festivals. In India, there are millions of festivals celebrated each year in other states and different areas. People travel to multiple places during the festive season and enjoy the festival with their friends and family. Indian festivals such as Ganesh Chaturthi and Navratri, people enjoy it day and night. During Navratri, people enjoy playing Garba the whole night and travel to different places to enjoy it. There are usually groups that are formed and visit various Garba pandals to play Garba. During such enjoyment, women are always fear of getting periods.

Periods are an irreplaceable part of women’s life. It doesn’t pause for any pandemics or festivals. Women have always to be ready with the menstruation essentials to handle periods during such festive outings! Due to such joyful excitement, women often forget to carry their menstrual materials such as sanitary napkins, tampons, and menstrual cups and fall into trouble when periods hit them. Those embarrassing situations during a festive outing on periods ruin the mood of the women.

During such scenarios, women often decide to stay in a hotel room to save themselves from shame. In other cases, despite carrying the menstrual materials, she doesn’t find a proper washroom facilitated with soap and water. During such scenarios, Stree Sanman MyKit-Suvidha will help women with all the menstrual materials.

Utility of Stree Sanman MyKit-Suvidha for women during festivals:

Stree Sanman MyKit-Suvidha is a pack of complete menstrual hygiene materials that helps women with menstrual and hygiene materials. This product allows women when the washrooms in not facilitated with soap and water. It usually will be a scenario in the Garba pandals when women have to use the public toilets to clean and change the menstrual materials. As some public toilets are not hygienic enough to use during periods, Stree Sanman MyKit-Suvidha provides you with complete sanitary materials.

MyKit-Suvidha contains the following material:

Premium Sanitary Napkins (14 no’s)
Sanitary Napkins Disposal Bags (14 no’s)
Wet tissues
Dry tissues
15ml Sanitizer
MyKit-Suvidha helps women with sanitary napkins and helps with personal hygiene materials that are essential to maintain menstrual hygiene during periods. MyKit-Suvidha allows women to manage menstruation when not in the home and ensures menstrual hygiene during periods.

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