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Women have set unbeatable records in Paralympic Games.

Women have set unbeatable records in Paralympic Games

Women have set unbeatable records in Paralympic Games.

It is a harsh reality that some are disable by birth and some a disable after some strange incident. The dream doesn’t differentiate whether the persona is perfectly fit or a person is disabled. We all aim to be extraordinary people and achieve something big and set a record for the World. Paralympic Games is just a little opportunity for those people who are physically disabled to achieve something big for themselves and the nation. In the past few years, women have set new records in many of the games all over the World. One such game is Paralympics, in which women are making unbeatable records and making the nation proud with their achievements. They are setting a new example and inspiring many women like them to achieve their goals and dreams. 

A disabled person goes through various challenges in life. Some parents decide to shift their children to a place where all the disabled are kept, and some choose to keep their disabled children with them and try to make things right. One thing to note is not all disabilities last long. With the help of medications and exercises, it can eliminate disabilities. But as some disabilities last long, the person has to live with them through their life. Women with disabilities go through many ups and downs in their life. People question her future that about her education, marriage, and children. All these questions force women to think about their future life and increase the tension among parents. To boost the confidence among women, life provides some of the few opportunities to prove their capabilities even after being disable.

Here are few names of Women that have set unbeatable records in the Paralympic Games:
Deepa Mallik:

 Deepa Mallik became the first woman to win a medal in the Paralympics. She won a silver medal in shot put F53 in Rio Paralympics on 12 September 2016. Deepa Mallik is now serving as the President of the Paralympic Committee of India. 

Jyoti Baliyan:

 Jyoti Baliyan is the only Women archer who is qualified for Tokyo Paralympics Games 2020.

Avani Lekhara:

Avani Lekhara is an Indian Paralympian and riffle shooter. She won a gold medal and bronze medal at Tokyo Paralympics 2020. She is currently standing in World no 5 in Women’s 10m Air Rifle Standing SH1.

Bhavana Hasmukhbhai Patel:

 Bhavana Hasmukhbhai Patel is a table tennis player from Mehsana Gujrat and is an Indian Parathlete. She has won a silver medal in Class 4 Table tennis at the Summer Paralympics in Tokyo 2020. 

Parul Parmar:

Parul Parmar is an Indian Para-Badminton player from Gujrat. She ranked in World number one in Para-badminton women’s Singles SL3.

From above, we can see that women in Paralympic Games have shown their capabilities in rifle shooting, table tennis, badminton, shot put, and the list goes on. Women only need support to achieve their goals and fulfill their dreams. People provide sympathy to disabled people but fail to support and encourage them to achieve their vision. For disabled people, their disability is their biggest hurdle and weakness too. One needs to support and encourage disabled people to cope with their biggest hurdle and weakness, which is a disability. The good thing is Women who are disabled are setting new records for the World. They are standing in the number 1 position in Paralympics. They are an inspiration to many other disabled women to achieve their goals and dream. 

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