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Problem faced by women during Menstruation in office.

Problem faced by women during Menstruation in office.

Girls who do graduation and do a job for their living find it very difficult to continue their careers. The reason behind this is they don’t see their organization is providing a suitable environment for them. There are many problems that women face during their menstruation. It also described as periods.

We all know that all the women go through a menstrual cycle every month for 5-7 days. They bleed continuously. They find it very difficult to do a job on periods. The job pressure which they have on their periods makes it very difficult for them to complete it on a stipulated time. So, many of the girls decide to quit jobs.

The mood swings and the pain makes it very difficult for every woman to work for their organization. And also to give 100% concentration to their work. So, they usually decide to take a half-day from the office. On top of that, the boss in the company gives targets on those days, which makes it very difficult for women as it would affect their performance.

Other women working in the same organization carries different behavior if she founds that her colleague is on her periods. She would not talk to her, and she maintains distance from the other woman who is on her menstruation cycle. No doubt, there is a woman who helps any other woman during their period. Instead of helping them, they feel very embracing, even if the woman who is in her periods seeks any help from them.

On Periods, if women fail to bring sanitary napkins in office, it feels very embracing to ask from other female colleagues to share her with some hygienic towels or tampons. Some women help, some don’t, and the women who are on periods have to run to medical to buy sanitary napkins. It is a horrible situation.

What can a corporate organization do to help women during their menstruation?

A corporate organization can help women on periods by providing sanitary napkins. They can place a sanitary napkin vending machine in washrooms through which any women who are on their periods can quickly get access to those napkins.

Women working in the same organization can give support to them by providing sanitary napkins during menstruation . There should be low or no pressure of work to the women who are on their periods. There should be a Period friendly environment in the workplace.

Every organization should once audit its policies and facilities that whether it is helping their women employees to work effectively and efficiently. Every organization should have an interactive session with women employees. They can speak about the problem they are facing during their periods.

Different seminars should be organized regarding menstrual hygiene and do’s and don’ts during the menstruation period.

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