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Effects of fast food on Menstrual cycle

Effects of fast food on Menstrual cycle

Food and Menstrual cycle are interrelated with each other. Mostly, we tend to eat unhealthy, spicy, oily and junk food which gives an adverse effect on our health and the menstrual cycle. Junk food is all about too much fat, sodium, and saturated unhealthy ingredients.

Junk food by its name describes itself as fast food which saves time but brings obesity, heart disease and early menstrual cycle in women and girls. Consuming junk food on regular basis shows an adverse effect on health, skin, and hair. According to surveys, it has proven that school going girls having fast food frequently face irregular periods, early menarche and
heavy bleeding that is affecting the menstrual cycle . This affects their school life routine and growing age. Same is the case with women, due to heavy bleeding and irregularity in menses, they face a lot of problems. They prefer avoiding social contacts and circles, go under depression. This also includes obesity, heart disease, and other chronic diseases. Fast food or junk food disturbs the hormonal level
of the body and indirectly affects the menstrual cycle, mood swings, and behavioral changes.

The ingredients in junk food provide deficiencies of Vitamin A, B, C, D, potassium and zinc which results in illness, infection, anxiety, depression and irregular menstrual cycle in women. 58% of teenagers are suffering from depression due to inaccurate nutrients in the body.

The side effects of eating junk food are so strong that one cannot come out of its clutches easily. The tempting smell and taste provokes to consume fast food but does not give the required nutrition to the body. Improper diet, untimely eating also affects the body. Nowadays, the varieties in fast food have also increased and are available everywhere. Therefore, it is necessary to keep a check on the consumption of fast food for own benefit and have a healthy menstrual cycle.

Final Thought:

To finish the problem of menstrual disorders and heavy bleeding, it is wise able to adopt correct food habits and lifestyle. Definitely, there will be a reduction in health-related issues. A healthy diet plays an important role in maintaining hormonal balance in women. Thus leading an active, fit. energetic life. Having fast food once in a while will not affect the health and thus women can enjoy and not undergo irregular menstrual cycle. Proper
guidance must also be given to women regarding proper, healthy diet and fast food.