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An interview with a true inspiring woman: Sonali Agrawal

An interview with a true inspiring woman: Sonali Agrawal

Every day we get inspired and motivated. Inspiration can come from watching a motivational video on youtube or reading a biography of great personalities who have struggled to achieve their dream. But do you know what real inspiration comes from? Real motivation comes from when you start believing and trusting your capabilities. 

When a person starts believing in his capabilities, he/she can achieve whatever they want. We think that watching a motivational youtube video or reading an excellent personality biography will inspire us. Their role is to trigger our capabilities. On 8 March 2020 Sunday, Stree Sanman conducted an interview. The guest of this interview was Miss Sonali Agrawal.

About Sonali Agrawal:

Miss Sonali Agrawal is the Senior Information System Officer in Indian Oil Corporation Limited. When Miss Sonali was born, the doctor said that the spinal cord was not fully developed and wouldn’t walk like other people. But her parents didn’t give up or lose their hope. They decided to make her child self-dependent which should be inspiring. Many people gave various solutions to her parents, but it didn’t work. Even her parents were not financially sufficient to fulfill their child’s medical treatment, but still, they didn’t give up and supported her to work for her future.


Typically a physically abled child starts going to school when he/she is three years old. But it was not the same as Miss Sonali. She had to face a lot of problems during her admission. As her parents decided not to send her child to a Physically disable school due she was physically disabled, no school was allowing admission to her. It was a one-year struggle for Miss Sonali’s parents to get her educated from regular school. 

Finally, one school allowed her admission, but her father took the responsibility of dropping her school and taking her from school after the lecture got over. Miss Sonali said that her teachers were quite supportive. She was an excellent student in her school, and the teachers used to treat her the same they used to treat other students in the class. 

Students in her class never used to tease her about her disability. They used to feel proud of Miss Sonali as her name came in top position in the school. And whenever Miss Sonali used to win an award, they used to help her to reach the stage. When Miss Sonali used to show her awards to her parents, her parents also felt proud and used to support and motivate her to achieve more such awards in her life.

Biggest Challenge:

The biggest challenge for Miss Sonali was when she decided to complete her PG from IIIT Allahabad. When people in her locality got to know about her decision, they started spreading negative thoughts to her parents. But her father ignored all the negativity and allowed Miss Sonali to do her PG from IIIT Allahabad. She got support from her father. At that time, Miss Sonali decided to come back with success and fulfill her parents’ dream. When she was in Allahabad, her parents used to call her and always supported and motivated her. 

She had gone through major surgery when she was preparing for Mtech examinations. When she received the job offer from Indian Oil Corporation Limited, she completed her Mtech, and she even published a research paper keeping herself as the first author. The colleagues in Indian Oil Corporation Limited are always supporting her to follow her passion and inspire more such people like her. 

 Miss Sonali on Handicapped:  

Miss Sonali believed that disability is present in the thought of society. Whenever she used to go out, people show her sympathy, which she didn’t like because she always wants to see herself as a self-dependent girl who believes in her capabilities and follows her passion. Miss Sonali also wrote a poem, which she had shared in the interview. 

Final Thought:

We need to change our mindset towards disabled people. It’s good to show sympathy towards them, but we should also motivate them to follow their dream and passion. When a person comes to know that he/she is disabled, she loses all hope and decides to quit. But we as human beings can support them and help them to achieve their goal. It’s the responsibility that we make them believe that they have the same capabilities as we have. 

 Lastly, in the whole story, we got to know that Miss Sonali’s Parents were her support system. Every parent should be inspiring the support system to their disabled child and skip to throw them in a Physically disabled home. We can also see that her parents sent her into a regular school and avoided sending her child to a physically disabled school. The support she got from her parents motivated to achieve her goals. Even the school teachers and students were supportive during her school days. Miss Sonali has rewarded all the supporters in her life by achieving her goal. She is a real, Inspiring Women Personality. 

Watch full interview video of Miss Sonali Agrawal: A real inspiring women personality.

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