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Tips to empower women employees at Workplace.

Tips to empower women employees at Workplace.

Earlier, women used to stay indoors and used to do household work. Girls were forced to do early marriages and take care of their in-laws. Initially, women were dependent on their father before the wedding and after marriage on her husband. But now, things have changed. People have changed their point of view towards women. They understood that women and men should have equal rights to be independent. To live an independent life, women started earning money by doing jobs. Doing a job is also another challenge for women because they have to balance both professional life and personal life. Women employees hold some expectations when they work in a company, hence we need to empower women employees.

Women have to face various challenges in the Workplace that includes:

  • Workplace discrimination
  • Paying less than a men
  • Sexual harassment

We live in a world where we predict that men and women should be treated equally at home and in the Workplace. But women have to go through these challenges, and in the end, she quits her job and prefers to be indoors to take care of her family. It is the responsibility of every employee and employer to make the Workplace suitable for women. Various rules and policies should be initiate in the organization to empower women in the Workplace. Here are few tips to empower women employees at Workplace:

Encourage equal opportunities:

A company’s success is based on the employee’s performance. Different organizations are always working to keep their employees happy and to innovate a culture where both men and women can grow and develop. Creating equal opportunities and fair treatment for both men and women will maintain a healthy work culture at all employment life stages.

Support for career growth:

Providing support for career growth is another way to empower women at the Workplace. Proper mentoring and coaching to women employees will help identify different development areas and build their careers accordingly. To conduct this, one can hold seminars where the speakers will share the information related to various development fields.

Involving women in company’s decision making:

An organization should involve women in various decisions related to the organization. When women employees are involved in the organization’s decision-making, they are more encouraged and become more efficient while working towards the organization as their decisions are being raised. It becomes the duty of every employee to raise their voice if any female employee cannot be a part of its decision-making. Ideas of every woman employee should be given equal importance in the decision-making process.

Creating space for grievances:

Women employees have to face various challenges in the Workplace. There should be proper space for women to formally complain about any misbehavior or discrimination done by any male employee or female employee. The grievances panel initiated excellent and quick action to avoid any further problems in the organization, and women feel safe while working for the company.

Encouraging period friendly workplace:

It is a new and innovative concept that every organization must adopt. A period-friendly Workplace is a concept where organizations need to make specific policies that benefit women during periods. Policies such as 

  • Period leave
  • Installation of Sanitary napkin vending machine
  • Installation of Sanitary Napkin Smokeless Incinerators
  • Distributing ‘My Kit’ once a year.

These can encourage women employees to work even during period days more efficiently. Even if she fails to bring her sanitary napkin during periods, she won’t be worried because her organization will make it available for her.

Last Talk:

Women are indeed getting more opportunities to excel in different fields. But it is the organization’s responsibility to make such rules and policies that empower women employees and make them feel protected while working towards the organization. Above are a few tips that will make your organization a better workplace for women employees.

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