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How is Stree Sanman helping in destigmatizing Periods?

How is Stree Sanman helping in destigmatizing Periods

How is Stree Sanman helping in destigmatizing Periods?

The menstruation cycle that is known as periods, is a natural process of a feminine body. It starts around the age of 12 and lasts till menopause. As periods are term ‘impure,’ women are kept in separate rooms and prohibit from entering the kitchen, temples, or performing rituals. Following these stigmas and myths can be stressful, as women face lots of issues due to periods. To make period days happier and relaxing for women; Stree Sanman is finding new ways in destigmatizing periods and encourage women to be period proud.

How is Stree Sanman helping in destigmatizing periods?

As there are various myths and stigmas associated with periods, women feel shy to talk about periods. Women face multiple issues during periods; but due to various stigmas associated with the menstrual cycle, they are not comfortable talking about period issues. Not discussing and ignoring period issues can further lead to multiple menstrual disorders; among which some are curable, and some last through a lifetime. Maintaining period hygiene is essential during periods, but women feel awkward asking for a sanitary napkin from a male shopkeeper; due to the stigma associated with periods. So they adopt the traditional method of using old clothes, sandbags, leaves and ashes to absorb the menstrual flow. Embracing the conventional approach to absorb the menstrual flow; disturbs menstrual hygiene and can further give rise to irritation and infection during or after the periods.

During menarche, girls are unaware of the periods, think they have got some deadly disease, and develop a negative attitude towards periods. For providing information to a girl about periods, a mother can act as a great source through which girls will be aware of periods. But due to the stigma and myths associated with periods, a mother won’t find it comfortable to talk about periods with her daughter

Additionally, another challenge that women face during periods is disposing of the used sanitary pads. As there are stigmas associate with periods, women throw sanitary pads inside a plastic bag and mix them with household waste. These sanitary pads are dispose of in a dumping ground, and it takes around 500-800 years to decompose. Another method to dispose of the soiled sanitary pad is to burn it in the open area or bury it under the ground. Above these methods harm the environment, and it can lead to hazardous diseases for a living being. 

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Women adopt this unhygienic method of maintaining menstrual hygiene and disposing of the soiled sanitary napkins is because of the period stigma. Stree Sanman has developed a new and modern technology to eliminate the stigma that women will quickly get sanitary napkins through Stree Sanman Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine. She can dispose of the used sanitary napkin eco-friendly through Stree Sanman Sanitary Napkin Smokeless Incinerators. Lastly, women can also maintain good menstrual hygiene through Stree Sanman’s ‘MyKit-Suvidha.’

Destigmatizing periods

Summing up:

Stree Sanman is destigmatizing periods by installing the Stree Sanman Sanitary Napkin Vending machine through which women can quickly get a sanitary napkin. Stree Sanman is installing Stree Sanman Smokeless Incinerators to safely dispose of sanitary pads and maintain menstrual hygiene during periods; the organization has come up with MyKit-Suvidha that includes all the menstrual hygiene materials in one box.  

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