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Self-Acceptance: Only way to deal with Body Shaming


Self-Acceptance: Only way to deal with Body Shaming

It is quite embarrassing when people say, “Look, that girl/boy is so skinny/fat/short.” and we cannot say anything to them and listen to them. Body shaming is becoming a severe problem in our society. People deny accepting those who are imperfect. In other words, body-shaming is an act of being inappropriate or passing negative thoughts and comments or having a discriminatory attitude towards other people’s physical appearance. They are being bullied, harassed, and humiliated for the way they are. People deny accepting those people who are imperfect. This problem is faced by women more than men.

We belong to a generation where we get influence by celebrities’ and models’ perfect bodies. Studies suggest that 90% of women are unhappy with their looks. Getting influence by celebrities and models, we start practicing yoga, go to the gym to burn our calories, and put ourselves on a diet and get the desired body. But people who don’t have a perfect body often feel ashamed of themselves.

Additionally, we belong to different groups that include various types of people. It happens mostly in women’s peer groups where one woman looks gorgeous, and other women in the group get influence to get the same look. It is quite normal that women get embarrassed when she is not so good-looking among her peer group. But teasing her for the same is not right. 

Body Shaming and its effect on Mental Health:

Negative comments and discriminatory attitudes often make people ashamed. People who face these inappropriate behaviors get sad stress, and depressed hence affecting mental health. They prefer to stay home and avoid any outings due to their imperfections. Body Shaming lowers morale. It reduces confidence and has a drastic impact on the mind of the people. In the end, they put themselves on a strict diet and practice challenging exercise daily to get the desired body.

The Solution: Self-acceptance:

There is only one solution to deal with body-shaming is Self-acceptance. Accept yourself the way you are. Don’t let that negativity affect your ability. Self-acceptance is the only way to show that no one needs a perfect body to be successful. On the contrary, it is essential to be fit enough and maintain a healthy body. You can practice yoga and put yourself on a healthy diet. It will protect you from various diseases. 

Body shaming is a hostile act, but one can take it positively. There are many stories where people positively take criticisms and work on it and prove their capabilities. In the same way, one can positively take body shaming and work on it. It will take time, but you will indeed receive positive results. Be confident, work towards your dream, achieve more, and then people will not judge you on your body but your capability. 

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