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During our childhood, we used to say that “Mommy, I want to become a doctor/engineer/teacher!” and so on. But by the time we grow up, when we start to understand our life and where we stand, we usually forget what we have said to our mother. Students are still confused about their careers. They don’t have any clear plan of what they want to become in the future. Students who passed their graduation and post-graduation are doing jobs in an organization where they get 13K-15K per month. Students find it challenging to get an opportunity to prove their skills and ability. However, there are many organizations where the managers provide a chance to prove their ability by giving different opportunities and providing a learning space. After joining an organization, some students divert their minds from their careers, and they start focusing only on the job they hired. On the other hand, some students get a clear idea about their career, and they start working on it until they achieve it.

How to remain focused on your career?

There are three simple things which anyone should keep in their mind.


We usually heard the sentences many a time in our childhood. At the same time, our teacher used to give lectures on life lessons during our free period. This sentence has a deep meaning. When we grow up, we get to know that our life is changing slowly and gradually. We become mature enough to understand the situation, and we accordingly adjust our decision. Learning is a part of life. In every phase of our life, we get to learn many things. We should keep learning whenever we get an opportunity to learn. It will be helping us in the future when we will be working on our careers. It will develop us professionally.


Anyone who wants to become successful in a career should work ethically to achieve the goal. Many unethical ways will get to accomplish the target quickly, but that’s never last long. Someday, that will stop, and your career will be nowhere. So working hard, doing smart work, and being ethical to your work will help your goal to run in a long way. There will be many competitions that you will be facing while shaping your career. There will be ups and downs, but working hard and improvising your ability will bring a professional attitude to work ethically.

Lastly is PASSION.

It would be best if you are passionate about your goal. It is the only thing that will keep you motivated at the time when your mind gets diverted from your purpose. Passion works as a booster to your goal. So if one is passionate about their work, then they can achieve their goal and will also help to get their career on the right track.

Other than this, I believe in having a positive attitude towards their goal. There will be many situations such as a breakup, marriage, death of near and dear ones. Or failure while working in your career, which will put you in depression and automatically will divert your mind from your job. There are thousands of ways, which will help you to get out of it, but being positive is the most powerful mantra to get started focusing on your career goal.

The best way to identify your career goal is to identify yourself, your ability, your interest, and your passion for it. Schools and colleges can organize a career counseling session for students to identify the above parameters.

In the end, the only thing which is required is, making yourself so capable that whenever any negative situation occurs, you should able to fight. Build a professional attitude towards your goal and always stay positive.

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