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5-minute everyday makeup steps.

5-minute everyday makeup steps.

It’s every girl’s dream to flaunt their style and get a dazzling look for every occasion. Everyone in this world gets attracted by the face and then by the personality and fashion style. We girls have piles and piles of makeup accessories of different makeup brands in our makeup box. Women want to look perfect, especially those who are going to college and office every day. But you know what the actual problem is? It’s not that we don’t know how to do makeup. We don’t get enough time to get ready by applying makeup to get an impressive look for the day. This article will help you with a few simple makeup steps that will take only 5 minutes to complete your look.  

Makeup productsMoisturizer:

Before applying the makeup products to your face:

  1. Ensure that your look is clean.
  2. Wash your face with a face wash and pat dry your skin.
  3. Apply moisturizer on your face and let it sit on your face for some time.

Moisturizer will help your makeup from penetrating your skin and will also make your makeup long-lasting. Don’t apply many moisturizers; take it on the fingertip and spread it all over your face evenly. 


It is a must-have product of your makeup box. Primer is a base that is applied before foundation, BB cream, or CC cream. Primer helps to hide your pores and gives your skin a glowy look before makeup. Make sure you choose your primer that is awesome for your skin. Do not apply primer before moisturizer. The primer will be a barrier between hydrated skin and BB cream, CC cream, or foundation. 


BB cream or CC cream:

Applying foundation every day on your skin will make your skin look dry. Women having sensitive skin can opt for BB cream or CC cream instead of foundation. Women often make mistakes by applying BBcream or CC cream directly on the skin. It is necessary to apply Moisturizer and Primer before applying BB cream or CC cream. Various brands and shades are available in the market that will suit your skin color. 


Concealer is used to hide dark spots, pimples, dark circles, and acne on your skin. It gives a uniform finish to your look. Where can you apply a concealer?

  • Under the eyes
  • On the eyelids
  • Around mouth
  • Around brows
  • On Nose

In short, concealers are used to hide every skin problem and give you a spotless and flawless look.

Compactor loose powder:

It is an essential part of the makeup to get a flawless look. Nowadays, many compacts have oil and sweat absorbent features. It means that while your skin feels oily or sweaty, applying compact will help in instant touch-ups, and it will also ensure that your makeup lasts longer. Here, you must know how to use compact or loose powder to avoid a cakey and patchy look, and you get a perfect finish of your makeup.


Your look will be incomplete if you forget to define your eyes. Your eyes are the most attractive part of your face, and it’s essential to make your eyes look wow every day. After applying concealer on your eyelids, it’s time to apply eyeshadow. You can apply nude color eyeshadow for a natural look of eyes. Always start using from the corner of the eyes and ensure you blend it properly with a blending brush.



Applying kajal will define your eyes and look more attractive. Women who have smaller eyes avoid applying kajal on the corner of their eyes; it will make your eyes smaller. One can start applying kajal on the lower line and from the corner of the eyes. You can also use it on the upper line of the eyes and the eyelids. When you apply kajal on eyelids, ensure your blend a little to give your eyes a smoky look. 


Mascara is applied to the eyelashes. In the market, there are artificial eyelashes available which anyone can buy and use. Applying mascara can make your eyes look more prominent, and it will complete the makeup of your eyes. Apply mascara on the upper eyelashes and then on lower eyelashes. 

Highlighter (optional) and Blush: 

A highlighter is a must when you desire to get a glowy look for the day. You can apply a highlighter on cheekbones, nose tip, and eyebrow corner. A highlighter is entirely optional if you want to get a matte look. Before using a highlighter, one must apply blush. Blush will give you a rosy glow to your makeup. One can apply blush on cheeks and nose tip.  


Lastly, to complete your makeup look, apply lipstick. There are thousands of lipstick shades available in the market. One can apply matte lipstick if they wish to have a matte look or apply liquid lipstick for a glowing look. It is advisable to apply nude lipstick shade for everyday use.  

Concluding today’s article, above were a few simple makeup steps that anyone can complete in 5 minutes. These products are available in the market and on online shopping apps at affordable prices. Now no need to worry about a dull look; get a dazzling and flawless look every day in just 5 minutes. 

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