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Lidl offers free boxes of Sanitary Pads and Tampons to Women.

Lidl offers free boxes of Sanitary Pads and Tampons to Women.

Due to the non-availability of sanitary napkins, millions of girls drop out of school, women face various types of menstrual disorders, hence giving rise to period poverty. Many schools and NGOs provide free sanitary napkins to girls, so they don’t need to drop out of school and understand the importance of using sanitary pads during periods. But, there are still many women who lack period education, and they stick to the unhygienic practices during periods. The same happened in Ireland. There was a time where the women in Ireland were suffering from Period Poverty. Women and girls in Ireland were shy to talk about periods. Girls in Ireland were stressed about the price of a pack of sanitary napkins.

But now, with the increase in awareness about period education and the importance of maintaining period hygiene, Lidl Ireland offered free boxes of Sanitary pads and tampons to girls and women. It will be part of a new program that will target period poverty, hence eliminating it.

Lidl Ireland offers free Sanitary pads and tampons:

On Monday, the major retailer announced a new coupon scheme where the women and girls in Ireland will get easy access to sanitary pads and tampons using the Lidl Plus app. Women can sign up to receive the monthly coupon from April 19. Women can use this coupon in 168 stores nationwide from May 3. Lidl will also perform in making quarterly donations of period products to the Simon Community in Ireland. It will ensure that people experiencing homelessness and the people who don’t have access to smartphones will also enjoy free period products.

As per a statement from the group, the retailer already working with the Ladies Gaelic Football Association will provide free boxes of Sanitary pads and tampons to clubs around the country. The retailer will also offer the same benefits to its workforce. Jennifer Kitson of Simon Community stated that the charity was delighted with the initiative of Lidl to overcome Period poverty. 

Final thought:

Providing Free Sanitary Pads and tampons to girls and women in Ireland is a significant step to combat period poverty. This move of Lidl will bring a considerable change over the country. People will understand the menstruation cycle, rather than naming it ‘Dirt’ or ‘Impure.’ 

Similarly, Stree Sanman, a leading Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine and Smokeless Incinerator manufacturer, provide easy access to sanitary napkins by installing Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine in various locations. It has already installed more than a thousand Sanitary Napkin Vending Machines and Smokeless Incinerators; and benefited many women during Menstruation Cycle. These little steps of various organizations will help to end period poverty from the world. No women in any part of the world will face the problem of non-availability of sanitary products. Period Education will eliminate the unhygienic practices during Periods by women and save them from various menstrual disorders. 

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