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Sanitary Pads, Tampons, or Menstrual Cup? Which is the best product during periods?

Sanitary Pads, Tampons, or Menstrual Cup_ Which is the best product during periods

Sanitary Pads, Tampons, or Menstrual Cup? Which is the best product during periods?

Women always have a fear of period stain during periods. That red patch creates an embarrassment for women at home or outdoors. To avoid period stains and save themselves from embarrassment, women use certain products during periods, namely Sanitary pads, tampons, and menstrual cups. This article will evaluate the best product to use among sanitary pads, tampons, and menstrual cups. We will determine in terms of price, durability, and re-usability. We will also look does these products affect the environment when not disposed of properly. 

Sanitary Pads: The first love of every woman during periods.

9 out of 10 women will choose to use sanitary pads during periods. Before introducing commercial sanitary pads, women used homemade sanitary pads, usually made of old waste clothes. When women lack knowledge, they use these homemade sanitary pads for more than 4 hours. Using these pads for long hours often leads to infection and irritation after periods. Even after introducing commercial sanitary pads, women continued to use homemade sanitary pads. It also got variations such as dry leaves, sandbags, ashes, and newspapers to absorb the menstrual flow. 

Women widely use commercial sanitary pads during periods. Nowadays, hygienic pads are usually made of plastic. Using these sanitary pads for more than 4 hours increases the risk of getting a fungal infection after a period. It puts women’s menstrual health during periods at risk as it also leads to various menstrual diseases if not changed at regular intervals.

Evaluation of Commercial Sanitary pads in terms of:

Price: The cost of sanitary pads depends on the type of pack you’re purchasing. A single sanitary pad costs around Rs.5 that adds up to Rs.60 per period. So we can say that the price of commercial sanitary pads is average. 

How long to use the product: Commercial sanitary pads are risky to use for 5-6 hours as it increases the chances of infection and irritation after periods. So, it is advise to use these sanitary pads for 3-4 hours during periods.

Reusable?: Commercial sanitary pads are made for one-time use. Hence, it is not reusable.

Environmental Impact: Women often dispose of the sanitary pads by wrapping them into the newspaper or tissue paper and throwing it in the dustbin. During the unavailability of the dustbin, women flush the sanitary pads that lead to drain blockage or place the sanitary pads in the corner of the washroom that makes the toilet unfit for others to use. These commercial sanitary napkins are usually plastic; it takes 500-800 years to decompose. So, these sanitary pads are not environmentally friendly. 

On the other hand, cloth sanitary pads are available in the market. These cloth sanitary pads are produce of cotton flannel, bamboo, or hemp that are highly absorbent and not so bulky as cotton. Cloth sanitary pads are reusable that can be use for 36 periods. One should wash the cloth pads and sundry them before reuse. Lastly, biodegradable pads are produce using natural fibers like bamboo, cotton, and corn. These biodegradable pads contain no harsh chemicals hence low chances of infection. Biodegradable sanitary pads are use and thrown like other commercial sanitary pads. Both cloth and biodegradable pads are eco-friendly and safe to use during periods.

Tampons: Friend of Active Lifestyle.

Tampons are a product that is insert into the vagina to absorb the menstrual flow. When the tampons are appropriately insert, it expands to soak up the menstrual blood. Tampons are usually prefer by women who have an active lifestyle. In addition to menstrual blood, tampons also absorb the vagina’s natural lubrication and bacteria, which changes the normal pH. It increases the risk of infections from the bacterium Staphylococcus aureus, leading to Toxic Shock Syndrome, a life-threatening condition that requires immediate medication.

Evaluation of Tampons in terms of:

Price: The cost price per piece is Rs. 10, leading to the total price per period being Rs.120. The price of tampons is higher than the price of commercial sanitary pads.

How long to use the product: A single tampon be used for 4 hours. 

Reuse? : Tampons cannot be reused. One tampon is use should be dispose of. 

Environmental Impact: Tampons contain chemicals, namely dioxin, chlorine, and rayon. When the tampons are not dispose of properly and sit in the landfills, the chemicals in the tampons are soaked up by the earth that is released as pollution into groundwater and air. Hence, it is not an eco-friendly period product. 

Menstrual cups: The Best friend of Women and Environment.

Yes! A menstrual cup is indeed the best friend of women during periods and the environment. Menstrual cups are small flexible, and funnel-shaped menstrual products that help to collect the menstrual fluid during periods. Menstrual cups are  of silicone, an insert safe material that does not react with the body and are eco-friendly alternatives to sanitary pads and tampons. Using a menstrual cup colored using synthetic colors can react with the body, while the colorless menstrual cup is safe to use.

Evaluation of Menstrual cups in terms of:

Prices: There are wide ranges of prices for menstrual cups. However, the price is slightly higher than other menstrual products.

How long to use the product: Other menstrual products should be used for 4-5 hours, while women can use menstrual cups for 8-9 hours. So the durability is also higher than other menstrual products.

Reuse? : Menstrual cups can be reused. One needs to empty the menstrual flow from the menstrual cup, wash it, and reuse it. Boil the menstrual cups before use. 

Environment Impact: A single menstrual cup can be used for 5-7 years. Hence, it’s an eco-friendly menstrual product.

Wrapping up:

There is a wide range of period products in the market. One should research before the trial of any new menstrual products. Women should use menstrual products in which they feel comfortable in all terms.

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