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Tips to get pimple free and clear skin.

Tips to get pimple free and clear skin.

Both Genders (Male and Female) desires to have Pimple Free Skin. Pimples, also known as acne, are the most common problem faced by both men and women. It can appear in any place on the skin, but it usually occurs on the face. Pimples on the face make us look dull and ugly. However, concealers are invented to hide our pimples, but it makes its way appear on the skin. A pimple occurs when pores become inflamed and when the skin’s oil glands are overactive. There are other reasons for pimples, such as an increase in androgen hormones, exposure of skin to sunlight for long hours, dry skin, and in the rarest case, genetics. However, one can follow the given tips to reduce the pimple problem’s severity and get clear skin. 

Select your skin care product according to your skin:

For selecting skincare products, you need first to need to know your skin. It is because anyone can get pimples, irrespective of the skin type. Pimples are most likely to occur first on oily skin and second on combination skin, including dry skin and oily skin. So, one should first need to understand their skin type and choose your skin care product wisely.

 Wash your face correctly:

One should wash your face twice a day. Washing your face regularly will remove the excess oil and dirt from the skin and allow your skin to breathe, hence helping you eliminate pimples. Before washing your face, wet your face with warm water so that it will open the pores. Then gently apply your cleanser in a circular motion with your fingers. Lastly, wash it properly and ensure that there is no residue left of the cleaner. Select a mild cleanser for your face and avoid using harsh cleansers on your pimples. 

Never skip moisturizer:

One must apply a moisturizer to keep the skin hydrated. Choose a moisturizer that is fragrance-free and non-comedogenic. Many moisturizers contain synthetic fragrances and other ingredients that may cause skin rashes and irritation on the skin. To prevent your skin from pimples, one has to choose moisturizer wisely and according to the skin type. Never forget to apply the moisturizer once you wash your face with a cleanser. 

Reduce the usage of makeup:

It is a trend to do makeup whenever you step out of your home. It is necessary to limit the usage of makeup on your pimple face. Excessive usage of pimples leads to clogging pores, and it also increases outbreaks. Avoid applying greasy and heavy foundation and use non-comedogenic products on your face. Be as natural as you can. 

Avoid fast foods:

Skin becomes more acne-prone when diets are highly glycemic. Fast food such as chips, white flour, and soft drinks are high in glycemic and are also responsible for increased blood sugar levels. A study also reveals that one should lower dairy products’ consumption to get pimple free clear skin. 

Reduce your stress:

Stress is the prime reason for many health-related problems. To get a pimple free and clear skin, one must need to reduce the stress levels. A study reveals that during stress, the body produces more oil-stimulating hormones, increasing pimples. Stress can be managed by yoga, meditation, and massage. 

Concluding the topic, above are a few tips that will help you to get pimple free and clear skin. 

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