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Do you know who the mother of modern girls is? It’s none other than Savitribai Phule. We have all studied during our school time how Savitribai Phule started the first school for girls. Female education is vital as of men’s education.

Girls have equal rights to get an education as boys. Even girls can earn for their families. Girls will not be dependent on men for their living. Female education is vital as of men education

But there are many places all over the world where women’s education is not a priority. Women are still unable to get education. It is the stereotype that women’s education is of no use. Men believe that a girl will get married and will handle his family, so what’s the use to educate a girl?

They aren’t aware of how beneficial a girl’s education is. Women will not only handle the family but will also support him in every walk of life. Savitribai Phule has gained knowledge from her husband, Jyoti Rao Phule.

A girl is not a piece of property. She is a child who deserves a future. If a girl gets educated, then she can make her decision on her own. She can decide when to get married and about children.

She will have all the information about her rights and will also give support to their family. Girls will have a bright future.

Reasons to support female education:

  1. Reduce infant mortality
  2. Improve socioeconomic growth
  3. Living a quality life
  4. Deciding on her own
  5. Reduce child marriage
  6. Reduce population explosion
  7. Decrease malnutrition
  8. Increase involvement in the political process
  9. Reduce domestic and sexual violence
  10. Increase number of educated children
  11. Reduce support for terrorism

Females should give education as men. They should provide a chance to prove themselves. Females should be taught but also give more and more employment opportunities.

They should get support from her family. Female education should keep as a priority in every family.

Many campaigns support female education. Every female should give a chance to live life the way she wants. Here, society plays a vital role in supporting women’s education.

Even a community can create awareness about the importance of female education. Female education will help an organization and will also help the nation’s growth.

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