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Mask Vending Machine in Tamil Nadu

Mask Vending Machine in Tamil Nadu

As the Covid-19 virus infects every person, the government urges people to wear masks whenever they step out of their homes. Still, in many areas, people are roaming outside without masks, hence increasing the chances of getting an infection. In India, the vaccination drive has been speeding up to reduce the flow of the disease. But, it is advise by the Healthcare workers to wear masks and practice social distancing even after you got vaccine shot. We have often heard about the Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine that provides easy access to sanitary napkins to women during the menstruation cycle whenever they are out of their homes. It helps people to get easy access to masks at affordable prices. 

Mask Vending Machine in Tamil Nadu:

In several areas of Tamil Nadu, Mask Vending Machines have been install for easy accessibility of face-masks to the citizens. Making it affordable is the Tuticorin administration in Tamil Nadu. These are install in towns so that the residents can quickly get the face mask. The price of a Mask that is dispensed through a this machine is ₹ five each. Only two machines have been installed so far. 

The Municipal Corporation has brought three machines. Each machine cost ₹22,500. through this machine Mask dispensed is a triple layer and bought by a manufacturer of Sanitary Napkin Vending Machines. 

Summing up the topic:

Installation of Mask Vending Machine highlights the importance of wearing masks during this pandemic situation. People should be aware of the benefits of wearing masks and how these masks will protect us from covid-19 infection. Stree Sanman, the leading manufacturer of the Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine, is also a manufacturer of the Mask Vending Machine. The Stree Sanman Mask Vending Machine has UV lights that disinfect the Mask, which means you’ll get a fresh mask that you can wear directly. These machines are QR-operated and Coin operated, and it’s touch-free.

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