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Old people need us in this Pandemic Situation.

Old people need us in this Pandemic Situation.

This Pandemic has taken the lives of a lot of old age people. It’s a crucial time for us to take care of our old age people in our home. It’s a guesstimate that 8 out of 10 people who died were the old people aged around 65. There are so many old age homes worldwide where we find millions of old age people staying there. Old people have done so much for us, and in return, they just want love, care, and happiness at their last stage of their life. Are we humans becoming so selfish? That we can’t even take care of them when they need us a lot. To understand the Old People’s importance, let’s look at what role our old people play in our lives.

Roles of Old Peoples:

There are different roles which are played by our old people in our home. These roles have a deep impact on our life.

Old People are the Supporter:

When we fail in something, we lose our trust. We get sad, depressed, and there are times when we think of quitting. But the one who always finds a solution to our problem is our grandparents. Our grandparents are the biggest supporter of our family. They have a bucket full of experiences which they share with us. By listening to their experiences, we get motivated, and we rise again to work more on the thing we have lost. 

Old People teaches us Life Lessons:

Our grandparents have a bucket full of experience. Because they have adventures, they teach us life lessons. They share about different incidents in their lives and what they have learned from that incident. This acts as an early sign in our life. If someday we meet the same situation in the future, we will remember what our grandparents have done in that situation.


Skill Enhancer:

I remember when my Granny taught me to make ladoos. She used to ask me to sit by my side, and then she used to ask me to take a handful of stuff and make a ladoo ball. Our grandparents have a lot of skills which they have learned from their Grandparents. They try to teach the same ability to lead to our future generation, and the cycle continues. They help us to develop different skills which will help us in the future. 

Old People teaches us Ethics of Life:

There are many storybooks available in the Book Store and nowadays on the Internet. But the stories told by emotions and actions make us more excited to listen to the words. These stories are told by our grandparents in our family. Through some stories, our grandparent teaches us the ethics of life. And when we grow up, we follow the ethics which was introduced by our grandparents. We get to know about right and wrong in society to raise our voice against the false and support the right.


Old People understand us more:

Our grandparents are the ones who understand more than our parents. That’s why they are called Grandparents! Sometimes when we need something, and we fail to convince our parents, our grandparents make them understand, and the result is our parents give us what we need. This situation is applicable only when the need is suitable. Or else our grandparents support our parents.

These are the significant roles which are played by our old people in our house. But, the worst part of this generation is they don’t understand the importance of their grandparents. They don’t understand that grandparents will help to shape the future. In this deadly pandemic situation, our grandparents need us a lot. So it’s time to fill their life with happiness and also to take care of them.

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