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Policy Survey

It will help us to know your current policies and facilities for women during their periods.

Employee Survey

To know how efficient is your current policies and facilities are available for women during periods.


It will be the review of facts and other parameters of your company.

  Benefits of the Period Friendly Workplace Certificate


There are many benefits of getting this certification for your company.

  • The foremost benefit will be that your women employees will be comfortable while working for your company. They will be working more efficiently for your company.


  • Women will be getting confidence while working, and she should not be dependent on any other women employees for sanitary napkins.


  • It will also reduce the attrition rate of your company and will motivate your women employees to work more effectively. It will also help to complete their targets and will create a  positive environment for your women employees which is the most crucial part of any business

It’s time to make a difference by creating your workplace Period Friendly for Women Employees. Women suffer through many inconveniences when they step out from home for long hours during the menstruation cycle. If your organization makes the workplace period friendly, women employees will feel convenient while working for your company. It will eventually increase the profit of your company.
Let’s make a difference by obtaining Period Certification Title. Getting this certification will prove that your company policies are convenient for women during periods.
So what are you waiting for? Win this certificate and make your organization Period Friendly Workplace.