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Problem of Pregnancy Discrimination at Workplace.

Problem of Pregnancy Discrimination at Workplace.

Nowadays, even though a girl gets married, she wants to continue the job after her marriage. Even her husband and the family member allow them to keep the job. But, when a woman gets pregnant, she faces pregnancy discrimination in the workplace. In this scenario, the other employees are maltreating the woman who is pregnant

Types of Pregnancy Discrimination:

  • Earmark pregnant employees or new mothers for redundancy.
  • Mishandle requests flexible working on return from maternity leave.
  • Malapropos comments about pregnancy.
  • Health and safety contravention against pregnant employees or new mothers.
  • They are penalizing a woman who is sick during pregnancy.
  • Non-fulfillment of payment to a women employee who is on maternity leave.
  • Not allowing an employee to return to their primary job role after maternity leave.
  • Forbidding a new mother for the same opportunities.
  •  Recruitment problem of a new mother or pregnant employee.


When a woman is pregnant, she faces a lot of health problems. And if that woman is facing pregnancy discrimination, then she meets a lot of trouble while working for the company.

She might get depressed, can cause headaches, low morale, which leads to an unwillingness to work for the company.

It is evaluated that every 1 in 3 women doesn’t return to the same job after maternity leave. It’s a very critical situation for women to survive in the post. So, some women quit the job, and others get terminated.

In the end, if pregnancy discrimination continues, then women will not be able to work for your company. The woman who is talented and can make the company’s dream come true will find it very difficult to make efforts during her pregnancy.

The managers and top authorities should take care that there is no pregnancy discrimination in the workplace. On the contrary, they should see that other employees are supportive of a pregnant employee and a new mother.

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