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12 Achievable Resolution for the Year 2021!


12 Achievable Resolution for the Year 2021!

New year comes with new hope, new opportunities, and new resolution. Every one of us makes new resolutions, but only a few are accomplished at the end of the few, and the rest vanishes. Why not this year we change the scene? Why not make those resolutions that are unique and are easily achievable? This article will guide you with 12 likely resolutions that anyone can achieve in 2021.  

Resolution: 1
Run for Progression, not for Perfection:

The attitude of being perfect was inculcated in us when we were in school. Remember, our teachers used to teach us not to make mistakes and get the highest scores. From there, we have learned the word “Perfect.” It is rightly said that one should strive for progress and not for Perfection. No one is perfect; everyone has some imperfection within themselves. 

One should set steps of Progression. It’s ok if you make mistakes because people learn from their mistakes. An error is not a waste when we make progress after that. This year make a resolution of taking progressive steps towards your goal and not striving for Perfection.

Keep your ego aside and be kind to everyone:

Do you know why some relationships don’t work? It is because of ego. Because of ego, many relationships get over, and later on, situations are blamed. Sometimes it’s ok to keep your ego aside and value that relationship. This year hold your ego and grudges aside and be kind to everyone. It will help to maintain a healthy relationship with everyone around you. 

Do something and expect nothing:

Do you know why we get hurt? It is because when we do something for others, you expect the same thing from them. And when our expectations are not completed, we get hurt, and it’s another reason why many relationships get over. When you do something for others, do it with a full heart and expect nothing from others. Believe in your karma, and it will never hurt you.  

Contribute to your society:

 It is the most achievable resolution with no hard work. You can contribute to your society by reducing waste, ensuring proper disposal of waste, creating awareness regarding environmentally friendly products, creating awareness regarding various social problems, and providing an updated solution to those problems. This resolution will change people’s mindset regarding the issues and make your society a better place of living.

Avoid taking unnecessary stress:

Stress is the cause of many diseases. Taking unnecessary stress will give rise to many disorders such as heart problems, anxiety, depression, asthma, headaches, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and many such diseases. To avoid stress, one must practice yoga and meditation.  

Practice Workout:

This resolution does not suggest going to the gym, doing heavy workouts, and getting a slim and fit body at the end of the year. One can practice exercise at their home by yoga, meditation, and stretches. Work out to make your body feel good and mood fresh throughout the day. 

Maintain an everyday diary:

Our grandparents practiced it. They used to maintain everyday dairy by writing their whole day experience and what all things happened and what they did by mentioning the date, month, and year. It is the best thing to write about everyday experience so that when you will read that diary every end of the month or year, you remember all things you have done on that particular day.

Stay in touch with your loved ones:

It is the bitter truth of this rushed life that we forget to remember loved ones. Those people play an essential role in our life. Make a resolution to call or have a video chat with your loved ones once a month. It will work as a stress buster when you communicate life problems with them.

Brush up your talent:

Many corporate offices give a week off for two days, that is Saturday and Sunday. You can brush up your talent during those days. Do what you like to do because you never know when your skill becomes your profession and start earning.

Try something new:

During the lockdown period, many people have learned many new things such as cake making, mandala art, painting, and many such pieces of stuff. Remember that you don’t need a lockdown period to learn something new. You can take your time out during your weekends, try something new, post it on your social media, and get millions of likes!

Spread Positivity:

2020 was a negative year! During this year, the big disaster was an outbreak of covid-19 in which many people have lost their life. 2021 has come, but still, we can observe much negativity around us. Make a resolution to spread Positivity in your area. Make people understand that negative situation comes with positive learnings of life.

Believe in yourself:

Believing in yourself is the most important resolution that everyone should apply in their life. You should think that if you are nothing today, you will be awesome tomorrow. You need to follow your passion and work hard. Things will change; situations will change if you believe in yourself. There is a famous proverb that says that “God helps those who help themselves.” Believe in your capabilities and have trust in yourself, and you will surely achieve your goals.  

These were 12 unique and achievable resolutions that anyone can achieve. Make sure you stick to every resolution and maintain it throughout the year. There is a unique way to keep reminding yourself about the resolution you listed. 

At the end of each day, take one book and a pen and write all your resolutions. When you feel that you have stepped into one of your resolutions, make one line in front of it. Likewise, every particular day you need to do this so that you can remind yourself about the resolution, and also, it will help you keep track of them. 

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