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How to Tackle with Unsupportive Managers?

How to Tackle with Unsupportive Managers?

Doing a job is very difficult when managers are unsupportive. Starting a professional career opens up many opportunities to learn, grow, and excel. Sometimes challenges make skill development. Good boss provides an atmosphere to encourage creativity, trust, respect, personal growth, and also professional development. On the other hand, a lousy boss is with a condescending attitude. He is someone who controls everything and one who fails to give feedback.

But a lousy manager and an unsupportive manager are not the same.

An unsupportive manager who fails to advocate you. They may cut down the ideas and may block you from getting the right rooms. It makes it very difficult for an employee to work under such an unsupportive manager.

A hint of an unsupportive manager:

Here are the list of some hints of an unsupportive manager

  • Your manager continuously cancels the meeting without giving any prior intimation.
  • If they spend more time, especially reviewing all the work, you do.
  • They don’t provide proper feedback, which will help you in improvising your performance.
  • You are frequently assigned with busywork projects and neglected in any high profile or exciting projects.
  • They don’t entertain you when you deserve a raise or promotion.
  • If they continuously hinder you and make attempts to vandalize your career.

How to tackle unsupportive boss?

Do Some Personal Reflection:

You must show your reflection by doing more and more work. Be honest to yourself and see whether you are forthcoming about your goals. Look at your colleagues and analyze their characteristics and also achievements. It would be best if you were assertive instead of being a victim of the situation.

Support Your boss:

You should continuously support your boss and find out different work to make your boss live easier. When there are challenges that are coming in the company, you should be proactive and come up with a creative solution and sharing them with the managers.

Say no to Validation:

If you are continuously putting an effort to do the best of your work and still not getting any appraisal from your manager, it’s the time to stop. Do those work for yourself. Do to improvise your skills and create a personal brand and reputation for yourself.

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