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Office Favoritism

Office Favoritism

A simple definition if favoritism is when a boss or manager gives more chance and benefits to one employee over others. At a time, this may happen that the employer’s actions are unintentional, and favoritism occurs subconsciously. Nepotism is a form of favoritism. If in an office, there is a scene of favoritism, then it affects the office atmosphere. The employees working there will find it challenging to put maximum efforts into the working of the company. Office favoritism kills the morale of an employee. It lowers the willingness to work in that atmosphere. This will give rise to an unproductive and self-destructive work environment.

How to identify workplace favoritism:

  • If the boss hangs out with one employee outside of work.
  • The same employee receives more and more opportunities than other employees
  • If the boss often excuses unproductive and distracting behavior for just one employee
  • If the boss listens and accepts the suggestions and advice to one particular employee.

How to react towards office favoritism:

It isn’t straightforward for any employee to decide what to do when we find office favoritism in our workplace. Below are some simple tips which can help to get out of office favoritism:

Don’t get into the conclusions:

When you find office favoritism in your workplace, do some research before getting into the ends. Don’t make assumptions. You can see that after giving your 100%, the things are not in your favor, but it may not the evidence. It might happen you are not able to see everything that’s going on.

Have a conversation with your manager or boss:

Have a normal conversation with your boss. Find out the reason why you have been overlooked despite giving your 100% for the new opportunity. It would be best if you were not aggressive while asking this question. Be polite.

Have a word with HR:

Even after having a lot of conversation with your boss, the result is the same, then it is advisable to have a conversation with your HR department for some support.

Office favoritism should be avoided because it will not only affect the atmosphere, but it will also lead to a decrease in employee willingness to deliver 100% in their work.

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