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Say Goodbye to Dry Skin this Winter!

Say Goodbye to Dry Skin this Winter!

Winter comes with Christmas eve and New Year’s fun. It brings a rosy glow on cheeks, and the weather calm and clear. But the winter season becomes uncomfortable for our skin. Many people experience their skin becoming dry, resulting in winter rashes, chapped lips, and a feeling of skin dehydration. However, many promising creams, lotions, and serums are available in the market that saves our skin from dry weather. Millions of websites and videos are available on social media platforms that will guide you home remedies and winter hacks to make your skin feel moisturized during the dry season. This article will light on winter tips to make your skin feel fresh, moisturized, and nourished during the winter season.

 Start your day with exercises:
Winter Workout

Those who are fitness conscious know the benefits of exercise during winters. Exercising during winters will keep your body warm and remove all the toxins through your sweat. I know, our mind doesn’t permit us to get up early in the morning and go for jogging, gym or yoga classes during winter; and we feel more comfortable by wrapping ourselves under the blanket. But this is a time where we should go out and practice exercise. 

Apply aloe vera gel on your skin:
Aloe Vera Gel for dry skin

It is not necessary that you can provide the goodness of aloe vera gel to your skin through creams and lotions available in the market. You can sow an aloe vera plant at your home and allow it to grow. Just pluck one aloe leaf, peel the leaf and take out the gel and you can directly apply it to your skin. Using aloe vera gel will save your skin from dehydration and make it soft and plump. 

Apply honey on your chapped or roughen lips:
Honey during winter

Chapped or roughen lips are the most common problem during the winter season. We see many people suffering from chapped lips applying lip balms now and then. Many lip care products are available in the market, but some lip care products save our lips from dryness but make them dark and ugly. The best remedy is to apply honey to your chapped lips. Honey leaves our lips to look healthy, hydrated, and pinky. 

Go for a homemade face pack:
Home made face packs

There are various ready to use face packs available that we can use during winter to make our skin look hydrated and moisturized. One can even try out homemade face packs by mixing natural ingredients such as milk, honey, turmeric, gram flour (besan), rose water, yogurt, and so on can remove all the dirt from your skin feel fresh, hydrated, and moisturized. 

Never skip bathing:
Bathing during winter

Never skip your bath during the winter season. Bathing helps to remove the dirt from the skin and make your skin clear and fresh. One can take a warm water bath to avoid shivering during winter. Use soft and gentle soap for your body during winter; avoid using a scrubber on your skin because the weather is already dry, and scrubbing will tear the skin resulting in skin rashes.

Don’t forget to moisturize your skin:
Moisturizing dry skin

Moisturization is an essential routine during the winter season. Various creams for the face, lotions for the body, and serums for both face and body give your skin excellent nourishment.

Here it would be best if you chose your creams, lotions, and serums according to your skin requirement. Moisturizing your skin at night before going to bed is beneficial because your skin repairs itself, and the next morning, your skin will be hydrated and nourished. It is also necessary to moisturize after taking a bath, and after rinsing the face mask, the face mask removes all the dirt from your skin, leaving your skin dry. Moisturizing will help your skin to breathe.

Stay hydrated:
stay Hydrated

We feel less thirsty during the winter season because we don’t drink as much water that our body needs. Providing less water during the winter season can be the prime reason for dry skin. Drink water according to your body requirements. You can also have fruit juices to keep your skin hydrated. Coconut water will work wow for your skin during winter! Have a glass of coconut water to avoid dry skin or skin rashes.

Summing up the article, above are a few tips such as keeping yourself hydrated, moisturizing your skin, applying honey, homemade face packs, and aloe Vera gel will keep your skin hydrated, fresh, and nourished throughout the winter season.

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