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Health is the real Wealth

Health is the real Wealth

We human beings love to live life the way we want to live. Do we think what will happen next? We love to enjoy life with our family and friends. But we forget to maintain our health.

Staying healthy doesn’t mean that you have to eat healthy food such as boiled vegetables, drink lots of juices, and skip fast food. ‘Health is Wealth,’ we have heard this proverb lot of time during our school days. Sometimes our teachers used to give us lectures on it. But do we follow this?

People in ancient times used to eat healthy food. Nowadays, people love to eat processed food. Even the vegetables available in the market injected. It’s not naturally grown. The water is so polluted by the big companies that farmers use it to grow fruits and vegetables.

In olden times, people used to wake up early and used to walk for miles, and after they return to their home, they used to do meditation and yoga, and after that, they used to start with their work.

Nowadays, people sleep late, and they wake up late in the morning around 10 am. Today’s generation has no idea how the morning feels when we get up early and start by walking, yoga, or meditation. Like we eat, bath, and do our work, yoga and meditation should be part and parcel of everyone’s life. We humans are so busy with our schedule that we forget to take care of our health.

When we wake up late, we run to the bathroom, we get fresh, we wear our clothes, and we get no time for our breakfast, and we rush to the office. It rightly said that we should not skip our breakfast, and it the most important part we skip every alternate day.

The reason behind this, if we skip breakfast, then there are chances of developing type 2 diabetes. It may cause chronic insulin resistance. Skip breakfast drops the insulin level and then spike after lunch, which may increase the risk of creating type 2 diabetes. So, one should never skip the morning breakfast.

Like way, if we skip our other meals, it will lead to a slowdown of our metabolism, which can cause weight gain and make it harder to lose weight. On the other hand, many people don’t drink water.

Drinking water is an essential part of living a healthy life. Drinking plenty of water removes all the toxins from our urine, increases proper blood circulation, and it also prevents dehydration. People bring tiffin in office but doesn’t carry the water bottle, which can cause harm to their body.

One should drink warm water every morning after brushing; it will aid in digestion, relieves nasal congestion, calm central nervous system. It also relieves constipation, keeps hydrated, aid in weight loss, decrease stress level, and many more benefits which will help us to be healthy.

Eating fast food is good, but consuming excessive fast food may cause various diseases. One of the trending topics in today’s news is a coronavirus, which is caused by the consumption of animals and birds. It has mostly affected the people of Wuhan in China.


So practicing yoga and meditation, having your meals on time, and drinking plenty of water will make you healthy.

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