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Period Poverty in Ireland.

Period Poverty in Ireland.

‘Period’ is an irreplaceable story in women’s life. When a girl reaches puberty, approximately after two years, she starts menstruating, and it lasts long till the age of 40-50 mid. When the period hits the girl for the first time, she lacks knowledge about it. Without the knowledge about menstruation, the experience of a girl can be traumatic where she gets panic. And when it happens in school, the situation is quite embarrassing due to which many girls choose to drop out from school and stay indoors. 

The problem faced by girls in school during periods:

A recent study shows that 61% of girls are too embarrass to talk about Ireland’s menstruation cycle. They are not comfortable going to school while they are menstruating. In Ireland, around 15% of girls didn’t know about the menstruation cycle. When the period hits them for the first time, due to which the experience was traumatic. Additionally, 61% of girls missed their school due to the menstruation cycle, and 88% of girls are unable to pay attention to the class during periods. 


The above situations show the importance of giving knowledge of menstruation in schools. There should be seminars or workshops held in the schools where the speakers will educate girls about the menstruation cycle. Speakers must discuss menstrual hygiene and menstrual products and do’s and don’ts during periods with the best examples to understand it better.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Problem-related to the affordability of Sanitary products:

Studies revealed that 50% of Irish girls found challenging affordability of Sanitary products. Girls in Ireland are stressed by the price of a pack of sanitary napkins. Hence results in period poverty in Ireland.


Schools can provide free packs of sanitary products to girls. Or they can install Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine in washrooms through which girls will get hygienic napkins. It will prevent them from contracting various diseases caused by unhygienic practices during the menstruation cycle. It will save every girl from embarrassment and help them use a fresh and new napkin throughout her menstruation cycle. Hence, it will delete the scenario of period poverty.


The above problems show that girls in Ireland face poverty due to which their education is getting affected. The mentioned solution will save girls from embarrassment. Educating girls about the menstruation cycle will help them adopt hygienic practices during periods, hence protecting them from various diseases. Availing free sanitary products in school will prevent girls from dropping out from schools and solve the problem of affordability of Sanitary products; hence, the best solution to get rid of period poverty.

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