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Utility of Period Friendly Office.

We have all watched the movie “Padman,” which was released on 9th February 2018. Though that film, we have understood what is the problem which girls face every month, and we have viewed how they use dirty napkins during their menstrual cycle. This movie has created a lot of awareness about the menstrual cycle. Working women find it challenging to cope up with this problem in the office, spesh when they forget to bring their sanitary napkins during those days. The solution to this problem is office can now be designed Period Friendly.

Period Friendly offices are new and a trending concept, which every company can design. This will not only help your women employees during their menstruation cycle, but it will keep them motivated throughout the day to work for your company.

Women employees working in your company will get the confidence to work for your company. During their menstruation cycle, women face a lot of problems. Their mind doesn’t support them to work during those days because of the pain they are fighting with.

Many women come from village areas, and there is no availability of sanitary napkins. They used those dirty used napkins after washing it once. Even they are not much aware of the diseases which cause due to the usage of those used, stained towels.

Women even use sand during their periods, which is harmful to their health.

What offices can do?

We all are aware of the pain, mood swings, and embracement when a woman faces through the menstruation cycle, and she forgets to bring their sanitary napkins during those days.

Offices can succor their women employees by providing sanitary napkins. Even they can offer paid menstrual leave so that during the menstrual cycle, she can stay at home and can take rest.

How can an office be Period Friendly?

An office can install Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine through which women can take sanitary napkins.

The office can also provide Sanitary Napkin Incinerators to dispose of the used sanitary napkins.

Offices can provide menstruation leave to women employees to take rest for one day.

Period Friendly office is an innovative concept where every office member, whether it is female or male, gives support to their women employees who are suffering from periods. Offices can frame their policies women-friendly and provide a proper facility to women suffering from periods.

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